Connect your furriends with a network of their own

Finally, pets and pet lovers from all over the world have a platform created just for them!

Features to Barq about

Our all-in-one platform is equal parts fun and functional! Pet owners can discover a whole new world through pet-focused communities and enjoy life together like never before.

Make Friends

Discover local pet parents and groups, communicate with them directly through the app, and plan get-togethers.

Share Milestones

Use Barqer as a digital scrapbook to share adorable photos and your pet’s most exciting moments and milestones.

Log Habits

Store important pet information and set reminders to go to activities, feed your pets, give them medication, and more!

Find Deals

Hook yourself up with prime pet products and services to give your baby the best of the best.


Expand Your Community of Pets and Pet Owners

Who wouldn’t want to befriend fellow pet owners who love their furry or feathered critters just as much as you do? Barqer helps you build connections around what matters most to you. You can even see a real-time map of pets in your area based on specific filters you set.



Organize Pet Play Dates

Don’t limit your conversations with pet owners to the Barqer platform. Find a pet-friendly spots near you and plan real-life activities so that you and your pets can both make new friends! Whether you want to throw a cat birthday party or schedule weekly hikes with other pups, Barqer can help!

Build True Relationships with Other Pet Lovers

Barqer gives you all kinds of ways to communicate right at your fingertips. Create a group chat, send a private message, initiate a video call, or talk on a voice call. We give you all these options so you can communicate online and make off-line plans with ease!



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Lots of love from people around the world

As a pet owner, there are very few things I take more seriously than my “children”. I love the simple and uncomplicated design that Barqer provides. The app is unbelievably easy to navigate and is an indispensable tool for any pet parent.

- Brittney Schmid

If you're stepping into pet world, but haven't joined Barqer yet, you're missing out. It's so simple to share your information with fellow pet owners and learn from their experiences.

- Josh Pagan

If you’re looking for a tight and supportive platform, Barqer is for you. As someone with a puppy for the first time, I appreciated the insights from pet owners and vets alike!

- Jenna Wassle
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