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Barqer is your #1 safe space to meet nearby pet lovers, ask questions and get relevant, unbiased, and independent advice.


Every breed has unique needs and distinct personalities. Don't make common pet parenting mistakes and settle for generic info. Get personalized content and answers specific to your pet's breed, age, personality!

Trust-worthy advice

We want to ensure the best quality for our members, that's what sets us apart. We exclusively focus on pet loving people and experienced health providers to ensure that content are relevant to first-time pet owners as well as experienced pet parents.

As a fellow member, you can search our members directory to quickly get advice and information.

Connect to the right people (and nearby pets)

It starts with you. First, we learn about you, your pet’s personality, diet profile, and health challenges your pet faces. Then, we create content that is personalized to your pet with introductions to members who are relevant to you.

Don't overpay for pet products

Don’t spend hours looking for discounts and coupons in pet stores when we have developed cool software that does it for you! The software reads and scans leading pet retailers for the best deals on pet supplies. Ready to save?

How does it work?

Setting up barqer is super simple. We’ve got great technology behind the scenes and thousands of real people on the platform. Just download it and boom — you access valuable resources built for pet lovers.  

Coming soon! Access to nearby veterinarians, nutritionists, and trainers .

Pet parents, rejoice

One of the big reasons we started Barqer was to cut through the noise and create resources for pet parents. Here’s how we do it.

Save $$

Dollar saved is dollar earned! We have exclusive partnerships with pet retailers - your pet deserves the best!

Get back your time

At Barqer, you can find pet articles faster than doing an internet search - so you can have more time with your furry, feathered, or scaly friend.


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