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At barqer, we’re changing all things pet by creating a pet-wise community. We want our team to feel fully supported, so you can better guide our community and thrive every step of the way.



Every 60 seconds, one animal suffers abuse.

More than 10 million animals every year die from abuse in the US alone. Pet owner ignorance (and irresponsibility) and cost of vet care are primary causes.

Barqer is about addressing the inefficiencies in veterinary care and improve the quality of pet parenting.

Progress so far:

Product launched in Feb this year to 100 beta users.

Since then, we’re iterating and optimizing app workflow based on customer feedback, behavior, and usage analysis.

In the meantime, we added over 12,000 potential users on the waitlist.

Final product will be launched in Oct 2022.

About Position

With Barqer's growth phase starting, we're looking for a hands-on, technical equity co-founder who is talented, good-natured, ego-less, and communicative.

You would commit to this venture in the same way that we have. That means you will receive a SUBSTANTIAL amount of stock ownership and become a co-founder/owner working in the early stages only for equity.

You can be part of the management team and will learn all about startups and venture capital. I can brief you more about this in a zoom call.

Please apply if the above resonates, as this is one of those "once in a career" offers.

Essential Functions/Role

You’re resourceful, curious, and opinionated. You’re ready to get things wrong and when you do, you are quick to make them right.

A typical day would involve executing product roadmap, making high-level decisions around product features/security, hiring and managing engineers, and developing Barqer's platform.

Our Values

  • Extreme ownership: You approach everything you do as an owner and take responsibility both for successes and failures equally
  • Respect: Unwavering respect for everybody.
  • Strong opinions loosely held: You have a point of view, a belief in the way things ought to be done. You defend your position while at the same time ready to be wrong.
  • Customer obsession: We believe we’re in the customer service business. We have many customers and we’re obsessed with all of them both internally and externally. Whomever is on the other side of your work is your customer and your work isn’t done until they’re satisfied.
  • Resourcefulness: You do the most with what you have
  • Step ferociously: We don’t cut corners and we don’t skip steps. We commit fully to every step on our journey and take those steps with passion and ferocity

Basic Qualifications

  • Resourceful high achiever, quantitative creative thinker and problem solver who never gives up
  • Comfortable working in a startup environment
  • Minimum 5+ years of full-stack software engineering experience
  • Minimum of 1+ years managing tech team
  • Able to commit long-term through funding, scaling, and beyond
  • Motivated and assertive in learning and driving your team to be successful
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities, a results-oriented attitude, you know the importance of never missing a deadline
  • Experience building and scaling B2C / Marketplace product
  • Can start within 4 weeks of a mutual agreement
  • You have already worked in a tech company before (not just in an IT department of a non-software company, nor not just in IT at a university or government agency)

Bonus Qualifications

  • Startup experience
  • High caliber, a dynamic personality that promotes a positive culture
  • Experience in managing consultants, freelancers and internal engineering team to deliver world-class product
  • Excellent time management and written/verbal communication

Role Requirements

A fully flexible remote work environment.

Technical Requirements:

  • Full-stack development
  • Node.js
  • React.js / React Native
  • Basic SQL Querying & Relational Databases Concepts
  • Experience designing and building API management tools and APIs
  • Worked with AWS
  • Experience Deploying a Server-Side Application
  • Bonus (not required): experience in Data Science, ML, iOS, Android


Until seed funding round closes, compensation is in the form of equity.

How To Apply

Email with why you're interested in this position, why you believe you're the right person, and what success in this role looks like to you.

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